Rancho GranAzul

View on the river Cobachon from our rancho

Unlimited access to the trails, rivers, waterfalls, tide pools, communities and ocean surrounding our farm.  You can choose to sleep in our wooden floor traditional hut or stay with one of the community members.  Clean drinking water is available from capped natural streams.  Food has to be carried in or can be purchased from a small community store.  You are expected to pay community members for the services that they provide, you will not be charged for accessing our land.  The rules of conduct are simple.


To stay and enjoy GranAzul,please register ( name and email address)  with Daniel Saenz, whom you will meet in  the pueblo Cobachon. Donations are welcome.

Daniel Saenz

Daniel Saenz  February 2020.

Travel at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any accident, personal injury, theft or other mishap that has occurred on or during
the vacation you have chosen. We recommend you carry  valid travel insurance.


Once in GranAzul, it is understood that you will not disturb any terrestrial fauna or collect any flora. You are welcome to fish in the seas and hunt crayfish in the streams. You can only make fires on the beach or in areas specially marked to do so. Respect the local inhabitants.

No excessive drinking or use of illegal drugs.





Getting to Los Buzos, Cambutal

In order to get to  GranAzul / Cobachon, you first have to come to Los Buzos in Cambutal.  The following instructions will show you how to get to Los Buzos, Cambutal, and the starting point of your unforgettable adventure.

By car:

The asphalt road ends at Los Buzos port which is just 15 km shy of Cobachon.

By bus:

You will have to first travel to Las Tablas.  This is self explanatory from any starting, be it Panama City (La Gran Central), David, Santiago or any other major hub.

Once you arrive in Las Tablas, take a taxi or walk to the bus-stop for buses to Tonosi and Cambutal. You can either take a bus straight to Cambutal, going through Tonosi, or catch a bus to Tonosi and then transfer to Cambutal.   Approximate travel times are:

  • Las Tablas to  Cambutal/Los Buzos 3 hours
  • Las Tablas to  Tonosi 1.5 hours
  • Tonosi to  Cambutal/Los Buzos 30 minutes

If you are to transfer in Tonosi make sure you can make the connection to Cambutal.  Ask the bus drivers when the last bus to Cambutal leaves Tonosi.  There are also taxis that can take you from Tonosi to Los Buzos.  Most of the buses that drive into Cambutal will continue on to Los Buzos (5km further), but will not do this automatically, so please ask the bus driver to do so, make sure to smile. Los Buzos is a beautiful beach port and by itself a satisfactory destination.  There are several options for room and board there as well.

By taxi:

You can take taxis to Cambutal/Los Buzos from Las Tablas or Tonosi.

By air:

  • Fly to Chitre- catch a bus or rent a car to go to Los Buzos, Cambutal
  • Fly to Pedasi- catch a bus or rent a car to go to Los Buzos, Cambutal
  • Fly to Tonosi- catch a bus or taxi to go to Los Buzos, Cambutal